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St.Patrick's High School Keady

Web safe for kids, really?

6th Mar 2019

We’ve all seen kids on parents’ phones and ipads in restaurants, cars and generally everywhere. Some of us are those kids. Unfortunately, being online nowadays, especially for kids is far from safe.

“Being online is ok as long as you are not on it too much and more importantly as long as you are SAFE online,” Mrs O’Connor explains.

Mrs O’Connor believes “that it is bad to have “Omegal”, coin master trying to get you hooked and “Yubo,” the new craze that is talking to people online you don’t know.

We also asked her what advice she would give someone that is getting cyberbullied and she replied “you should tell someone immediately, block them and take a screenshot

Mrs O’Conner states “that being a parent I have boundaries for my children regarding how long they spend online we bargain with each other e.g., 1-hour online ,1-hour physical activityHours per week is limited, parental controls are in place.”

We need to be protecting young people today and even though handing your child your phone for a moments peace and quiet can be a quick fix, or allowing your teenager free access to the world wide web as a means of giving them knowledge, we must educate everyone to the dangers of this little piece of technology.

By Meabh.

St. Patrick’s High School, Keady, Co. Armagh