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St.Patrick's High School Keady

Microsoft Office for Students

To download office click on the following link:

log in with your c2k email (this is your username e.g. & password

once logged in click on the Install Office dropdown in the upper right of the screen and choose the first option (Office 365 apps)

This will download the office file, when you run this office will then install 

Additional Note: If Word or another app asks for a log in when installed retype your c2k details

PE Kits - O'Neills Online Store

Boys’ PE uniform will be available to purchase from O’Neills on Monday 12 August 2019, 10.00am – 1.00pm in St Patrick’s.  Alternatively, parents/guardians may purchase online (see link).


After School Activities

Day Homework/Study Time
Monday Traditional Group 3.15pm
Monday Year 10 Gaelic Football 3.15pm
Monday Library 3.15pm - 4.30pm
Monday Senior Girls Ladies Gaelic 3.15pm - 4.30pm
Monday U16 Ladies Gaelic 3.15pm - 4.30pm
Monday Girls Cross country Year 8-11 3.15pm - 4.30pm
Tuesday School Choir and Chamber Choir 3.15pm
Tuesday Senior Hurling 3.20pm - 4.30pm
Tuesday Library 3.15pm - 4.30pm
Tuesday Junior Camogie (Year 11/12) 3.15pm - 4.30pm
Wednesday Year 9 Hurling 3.20pm - 4.30pm
Wednesday Year 10 Gaelic Football 3.15pm
Wednesday Library 3.15pm - 4.30pm
Wednesday MIA club (for GCSE, AS A2)   3.15pm - 4.15pm
Wednesday Year 11 hurling with Ryan Gaffney 3.20pm - 4.30pm
Wednesday Senior Art Club 3.15pm - 4.45pm
Thursday School Orchestra  
Thursday Year 8 Gaelic Football 3.15pm
Thursday Library 3.15pm - 4.30pm
Thursday Senior Art Club 3.15pm - 4.45pm
Thursday Senior Camogie 3.15pm - 4.30pm
Friday String Quartet 8.30am
Friday Library 3.15pm - 4.30pm

St Patrick's Mission Statement

As a Catholic School in partnership with parents and the community, the school seeks to provide children of all abilities with a secure, caring, stimulating and happy environment where high values of work, personal integrity and learning can be achieved and where all pupils are encouraged to develop their talents and character and to contribute positively to home, school, church and society.

Apply for Free School Meals

Apply for Free School Meals

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